The collaboration between Love Live! and the Powerpuff Girls are taking their show to the upcoming Anime Japan event later this month. They will feature not only an exhibition of collaboration artworks, but also new merchandise, which will be sold exclusively for the event!


The collaboration, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of the arrival of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in Japan, will feature the school idols of μ’s as if they were doused with Chemical X. For Anime Japan, the “Love Live! ~μ’s meet The Powerpuff Girls” project will feature the following items:

Pass Case: 1,200 yen


Handkerchiefs set: 1,500 yen per set of three (divided into first, second, and third years)

Clear files: 2,500 yen per set of seven

item_3_1 item_3_2

Box of Cookies: 1,000 yen

item_4_1 item_4_2 item_4_3

Rubber strap: 700 yen each


Acrylic keychain: 500 yen each


Character Plushies: 2,700 yen each


T-shirt (two designs): 3,500 yen each


Towels (two designs): 1,500 yen each


Pen pouches (two designs): 1,300 yen each


The staff manning the collaboration booth will also be giving away event-exclusive postcards to those who purchase 2,000 yen worth of merchandise during Anime Japan. Meanwhile, those who spend 5,000 yen will receive a tote bag.

Source: Xarts Japan