It is often said that artistic people like to work in messy environments, and this much is true to Bleach mangaka, Tite Kubo. His work area is one of the messiest manga work areas we’ve seen so far. Interestingly, the Bleach creator is known for having one of the cleanest art styles in all of manga. Heck, his manga is titled BLEACH for crying out loud, yet his workplace isn’t actually what you would consider as “clean.”


Jump Ryu! has been bundled with DVDs which feature the work spaces of famous mangaka, and Vol. 4 featured the muscular mangaka with a penchant for cleaning products. However, as seen from the screenshots from the DVD, Bleach does not necessarily mean “clean.”

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His office and work area is full of clothes, office materials, and artworks, which are all cluttered around the area. However, it’s slightly different to the work space where his nine manga assistants work in. Now this is Bleach!


And for reference, here is Naruto mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto’s work area, which is really clean!


And here is One Pice mangaka, Eiichiro Oda’s workplace, which is a little bit messier than Kishimoto’s, but a whole lot cleaner and more organized than Kubo’s.

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Source: Golden News