The Man At Arms : REFORGED YouTube show is known for forging weapons from comics, movies, and animation every week, and their latest webisode features Asuna’s final weapon in the Aincrad arc of Sword Art Online. The weapon’s name is Lambent Light, which was just called “Asuna’s Rapier” in the video.

Since Asuna’s rapier is wider and stockier than a real-life rapier, the blacksmiths did a bit of tweaking, which would make their version of Lambent Light be used for both thrusting (like real rapiers) and also slashing (which Asuna also does with her sword in the anime). They used W2 steel as a base for forging the sword, and used references from the anime itself, as well as from cosplayers.

Asuna Lambent Light

And after all the forging and fabricating is done, it was time to destroy stuff with Asuna’s rapier! This is the first time the blacksmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword have forged a weapon from Reki Kawahara’s SAO light novels, as Kirito’s Elucidator was forged by the show’s former blacksmith, Tony Swatton.