Sometimes, fans can do great things in order to honor their favorite works. Some do cosplay, while others prefer building monuments for their favorites, like one college student in China for example, who built his own replica of the Unicorn Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam UC.


Found behind a local farm house in the Daiyue District of Tai’an City in Shandong Province, China, this towering replica of Banagher Links’ powerful mobile suit stands at 6.6 metres in height, or 1:3 scale. The builder has been identified as a local college student who graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and he used wood covered in varnish, and topped with water-proof paint to finish his work. He presented the Unicorn as it is transforming, with the “horn” still intact, right before it opens up to become a Gundam’s signature V-Fin.


Some 3,500 nuts and bolts were used to keep the Gundam’s structure together, and it is reported to weigh nearly a ton. It took nearly a year to complete, with the builder spending at least six hours a day trying to complete this marvelous piece of work.


But constructing the Unicorn Gundam was not without risks, as he even admitted that he nearly injured himself by falling from the second story roof. He has said that despite being obsessive-compulsive he is now satisfied with his work, and added that he plans to start a professional studio building similar large scale models in the future.


Source: AC Fun via Crunchyroll