The 29th day of February only comes once every four years, and in Japan the day is dedicated as “Meat Day” or “NiKu No Hi,” which is a play how the Japanese pronounce 29 February.

The day is often celebrated by people eating meat, and it might be one of the most un-vegetarian days in Japan, and one certain seiyuu has joined in on the celebrations.


Known for her roles as Azusa Nakano from K-On!, Kirino Kousaka from OreImo, Suguha/ Leafa from Sword Art Online, and most recently, Hotaru Shidare from Dagashi Kashi, the seiyuu celebrated “Meat Day” with a lavish lunch of… MEAT!

She’s really playing up her role as Hotaru, a.k.a. the Calorie Queen, huh? Not only does the meal look expensive, it does look like it might contain a lot of calories too! Hotaru would have been proud! I wish I could have celebrated “Meat Day” in an expensive restaurant, and it only comes once every four years!

Source: 0takomu