During the Dengeki Spring Event 2016 last 10 March, a stage presentation for the upcoming anime adaptation for Eromanga Sensei, has finally announced the seiyuu who will be voicing the main heroine of the series, Sagiri Izumi. The series is an adaptation of the light novel series by OreImo’s author Tsukasa Fushimi.


Sagiri, who is a hikkikkomori light novel illustrator and the step-sister of main protagonist Masamune Izumi, will be voiced by Akane Fujita. To those unfamiliar with who Akane Fujita is, she is the seiyuu behind the “mysterious girl” in the Gunslinger Stratos anime, as well as Yukari Mizumoto from The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. She has also voiced Akane Mimori and Minami Hateruma in Aikatsu!


She will be the first cast member announced, as the seiyuu for her step-brother has not yet been revealed as of writing.

Described as Tsukasa Fushimi’s “new sibling romantic comedy” following his hit OreImo light novels, the series follows Masamune Izumi, a high school light novel author, whose published works are illustrated by a mysterious artist called “Eromanga Sensei.” Masamune has never met his illustrator, but due to a turn of events, he meets Eromanga Sensei, who turns out to be his shut-in little sister, Sagiri.


Source: Dengeki Online via Crunchyroll