UPDATE: This is an April Fool’s Joke for 2016.

We all know that AFA(Anime Festival Asia) is the most followed and largest Japanese pop culture event having been held in 4 countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We also know that AFA brings in the Mega Anime Song Festival – the I Love Anisong concert. Well folks, AFA is looking again at expanding its repertoire and yes, ladies, the organizers heard you loud and clear.

This time around, Sozo, the producer behind AFA and other events such as Penang Anime Matsuri, and Funan Anime Matsuri, will be bringing around a one of a kind refreshing entertainment for the ladies and ladies at heart.

hostclub (1)
© NTV/ VAP/ Bones/ Hakusensha.

This year, the organizers will be introducing, AFA After Dark, a series of late night events happening after the I Love Anisong Concert. This year’s theme is centered around “Ladies Night”, and what better way to celebrate it than to have a host club – AFA Host Club ( Sorry guys!).


The host club will open its doors at Hall 501 of the Suntec City Convention Centre on 25 – 27 November 2016. The planned host club will have the guests be pampered like a princess. Also, by introducing a system, guests will be invited to chat with the hosts till the break of dawn while sipping on AFA’s own concoction of a non-alcoholic Dom Pérignon mixed by bartender, Sake Dekinai-san from Japan. (Do note that under the Liquor Control Act, there is a ban of drinking alcohol in all public places from 10.30pm to 7am, so the actual Dom Perignon is out of the question).

To date, there will be open call auditions for interested parties.
So look out here at AFACHAN for further announcements!