Rascal the Raccoon has touched the hearts of many people in Japan since the 70’s, and the lovable raccoon is still loved today. Previously, Rascal has teamed up with Tiger & Bunny, as well as Madoka Magica, and this latest collaboration promises to be BIGGER than any previous collaborations.

As you can see, the little Rascal ain’t so little anymore, as the raccoon has teamed up with Hajime Isayama’s bestselling series, Attack on Titan. Details on the collaboration will be officially revealed on 14 April, however, a new teaser visual has been released.


Originally released back in 1977, Rascal the Raccoon follows 11 years old Robby North, and his Raccoon named Rascal, who Robby saved after its mother was shot. The anime starred the legendary Masako Nozawa (Son Goku from Dragon Ball) as Rascal himself, and she voices the character from time to time as well.

The anime was the reason for the huge boom in pet raccoons in Japan back in the 70’s and early 80’s, with some owners becoming unprepared on how to raise a raccoon, resulting to the fad dying down, with many of the animals being given away, released in the wild, or mishandled. This would soon become a huge problem in Japan’s ecology. Despite all of this, the series has remained one of Japan’s most popular anime.

Source: Hachimakikou