The upcoming Danganronpa 3 -The End of Hope’s Peak Academy- anime is building up hype as it is scheduled to premiere this summer 2016 season. It is split into two arcs, and it has just been announced that both arcs will be aired simultaneously, starting in July 2016.


This means that when July comes, we will not just get one, but two new Danganronpa 3 episodes making their premieres every week.

The two arcs are the Mirai-hen arc, which features the survivors of the original game, now all grown up, and will serve as the conclusion to the Hope’s Peak Academy arc, which spans the first two games and the spin-off 3rd-person shooter. Meanwhile, the Zetsubou-hen arc follows the events of the second game, Super Danganronpa 2, and a new visual has been revealed for the arc:


As for the series’ iconic-yet-fiendish teddy bear, it was previously announced that Nobuyo Oyama (Doraemon), is getting replaced as the voice of Monokuma, as her role will now be voiced by another iconic seiyuu, this time by the voice of Chibi Maruko-chan herself, TARAKO. It was also announced that Takako Sasuga will be reprising her role as Monomi from the second game.

Source: animeanime