After the success of the second Locodol OVA, which was released late December of last year, the Nagarekawa Girls are back for a third OVA. This time the girls are trying to make a PV or Promotional Video for their town in an unaired episode titled “PV Tsukuttemita.” Screenshots for the anime have also been revealed by the official Locodol Website.

rd15_100_02 rd15_098_01 rd15_036_01 rd15_017_01 rd15_004_01

Looks like their rival AWA²GiRLs will also be making an appearance here as mermaids. Nanyako Nanako and Yukari really do have a lot to go!

The OVA will be available in both Blu-ray Disc and DVD formats, with the Blu-ray costing 6,500 yen, while the DVD version costs 5,500 yen. It is scheduled for release in Japan on 22 June, and is expected to run for approximately 25 minutes.

And speaking of Yukari and Nanyako… I mean Nanako, both the Nagarekawa Girls seiyuu, Miku Itou (Nanyako Nanako) and Sachika Misawa (Yukari), performed the OP song for this second OVA. However, it still has still not been revealed if they will be performing the theme song for this one.