After shocking everyone with a surprise collaboration performance during AniMelo, many thought that it might have been the last time we’ve seen [email protected] and Love Live! come together officially. However, a brand new poster found in Japan has got fans talking, and it involves a third idol series, in Aikatsu.


No official confirmation has been made just yet, but the poster was seen by twitter user, @ShonanFoobars, and it quickly became viral in Japan. While many are saying it is a hoax, all three idol series have huge ties with Bandai Namco, which is seen as the one being promoted in the poster.

Before Bandai and Namco merged, Namco released an arcade game called The [email protected], which went on to set the standard for the idol genre, and Bandai Namco has released other games for the franchise as well. On the other hand, Love Live! is animated by Sunrise, which is a subsidiary of the Bandai Namco Group, and Bandai has also released several Love Live! figures and merchandise as well. On the other hand, Aikatsu is an arcade collectable card game that is popular among little girls in Japan, and it is distributed by… you guessed it, Bandai Namco. Aikatsu’s anime adaptation was also done by Sunrise, while [email protected]’s was done by A-1 Pictures.

Source: Crunchyroll