Just a week before the big Spring 2016 Event begins for the original PC browser game edition of Kantai Collection, Kadokawa Anime has started streaming a brand new teaser video, featuring new footages and some night battle action!

The movie will premiere in autumn 2016, and will not only feature some of the fleet girls we got to know in the anime, but a few new additions from the games as well. A TV anime sequel is also in the works.

And speaking of the PC browser game, a new update has arrived last 22 April, before the upcoming event, and it introduces us to a new Kai Ni ship. In addition, the Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer, Kawakaze also gets a Kai Ni treatment. Previously, Kawakaze was an event-exclusive ship, but she can now drop in World 2-5. She can get her Kai Ni at level 75, and no blueprints are required. Much like the Kai Ni forms of her two sisters, Yuudachi (poi!) and Shigure, she also gains those dog-like ear flaps.


Aside from the new Kai Ni, KanColle is also celebrating both the spring season and the game’s third anniversary. For this, they are giving several ship girls the spring treatment with some new CGs.

Destroyer Harusame Kai


Destroyer Naganami


Destroyer Yuugumo


Seaplane Tender Mizuho


Several ships have also gotten new spring and third anniversary voice lines, and several new quests were also added. A few ships were also buffed just before the new event. The next update will be on 2 May 2016, and this time, it will herald the beginning of the Spring 2016 Event, which the developers are promising to be an “All-Out War.” The event will also introduce the American Battleship, Iowa, to the PC browser version, and she will certainly bring some FREEDOM into the game. ‘Muricaaaaaaaaa!

images via KanColle wiki