The 19th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump! magazine made several huge announcements for the Kuroko’s Basketball trilogy of animated films, which will be compiling the events of the Winter Cup from the TV anime and manga. The issue will be announcing the release dates and the titles for all three movies.


According to a leak of the upcoming issue, the first movie titled Winter Cup Soushuu-hen ~Kage to Hikari~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~), and it will open in Japan on 3 September. After that, the second film titled Winter Cup Soushuu-hen ~Namida no Saki e~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Beyond the Tears~), will open in Japan on 8 October. Finally the third film and final film, which is titled Winter Cup Soushuu-hen ~Tobira no Mukou~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Crossing the Door~), will open in Japan on 3 December.

The film trilogy will set up a fourth Kuroko’s Basketball animated film, which will be adapting the Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game manga, which takes place after the events of the main KuroBaske manga, and pits Team Vorpal Swords, comprised of the Generation of Miracles Members plus Taiga, against American street basketball team, Jabberwock.

Source: ANN