After releasing two hit singles which are the theme songs for two separate anime titles, well-known utaite and AniSong singer, Kano, is finally releasing her very first album. Titled 「nowhere」, releasing 11 May 2016. The album includes her new song, Prima Stella (プリマステラ), previewed in the new video below,

The album will also include the song from her two major singles, which are “Stella-rium”, the opening song for “Wish Upon the Pleiades”, and “Dear Brave”, which served as the ending song for “Heavy Object”. The album will be released with 10 different songs, with the limited edition version also coming bundled with a music video DVD and a special picture book.

The standard edition will cost 2,500 yen plus tax, while the limited edition version, with the DVD and picture book, will cost 3,500 yen plus tax. The music video DVD will include music videos for Prima Stella, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Walk This Way.


Kano started her career as a vocaloid producer, with the song, “Toumei Ningen no Nihilism.” She then went on to covering different songs, and gained popularity in Niconico through her soft, girly and whispery voice. She made her major debut with Stella-rium, before releasing Dear Brave. She also forms the utaite unit, Yurikanon, with fellow-utaite, Yurin.

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