The μ’s Final Love Live! has been a very emotional event for Love Livers around the world, so it would only be fitting the μ’s “final” solo concert would go with a bang. Of course, it is evident in the long lines which have formed for the concert’s event merchandise, which have formed two days before the concert.


The first day of the concert was held last 31 March, however, the merchandise sales opened the day earlier, on 30 March. But as Love Livers have shown their loyalty to μ’s, approximately 5,000 people gathered near the Tokyo Dome to buy the concert merchandise, which reportedly got sold out early, and what’s more is that these long lines of 5,000 people formed on 29 March, a day before the merchandise sales even opened…

To get an idea how long the lines actually were, here is a map:


And remember, it is only March during that time, which means winter has just ended, and spring is still young, which means that it’s still quite cold outside.

The merchandise for the concert include the usual jackets, T-shirts, towels, wristbands, phone straps, and all sorts of merchandise, and this shows how dedicated Love Livers are, as they waited patiently in the cold just to get their hands on some merch.

Source: Hachimakikou