The Osomatsu series, from the original Osomatsu-kun back in the 70’s and 80’s, to the most recent anime, Mr. Osomatsu, has touched generations of Japanese fans. The series seems to have gotten one very special fan in Japanese actress, Rena Nounen, who cosplayed all six of the Matsuno sextuplets, as she revealed in her official blog.


That’s right, all six! From leader Osomatsu, to wannabe tough guy Karamatsu, to straight man Choromatsu, to cynical Ichimatsu, to cheerful-but-stupid Juushimatsu, to lovable-yet-spoiled Todomatsu, she cosplayed all six of them, and according to her blog entry, she really had fun doing it.

The cosplay however, got mixed results from fans, with a few calling her a fujoshi, while some are praising her for the quality of her cosplay.

Born in Hyougo Prefecture, Rena Nounen is best known for her lead roles on the NHK drama series Amachan. She is also known for appearing in movies and TV commercials, where she became the Calpis image girl back in 2012.

Source: 0takomu