McDonald’s Japan’s  “Mirai no Watashi” (The Future Me) TV ads are inviting people to work part-time for the fast food giant, and these animated ads are voiced by the idols of AKB48. Previously, four versions were released, each one featuring a different AKB48 idol voicing the part-time worker. Now, another batch of four ads have been released, and each one features:

Ikumi Nakano for the Chuugoku Region

Narumi Kuranoo for Kumamoto Prefecture

Nagisa Sakaguchi for Hokkaido

Yuri Yokomichi for the Chhuubu Region

Now that’s certainly “Service with a Smile,” ain’t it? The ads are part of their “Crew ni Narou. Campaign” which aims to attract more part-time workers in Japan.


In all of the videos, including the previous batch, Yui Yokoyama was the one who voiced the manager, with a different seiyuu for the part-timer.