Looks like their stint at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert was a huge success! This is because the latest single from the lovable metal idol group, BABYMETAL, has reached the Top 40 of the US Billboard album charts. This is an amazing feat, which is something that even Utada Hikaru has not yet done!


Their new album, “Metal Resistance,” is now at #39 in the American Billboard Top 200, and is the first one to break the Top 40 barrier since Kyu Sakamoto’s Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits reached the #14 spot in 1963, which is 53 years ago. This is a long ways from their debut album, BABYMETAL, which only peaked at #187. This would also mark the first time that a Japanese artiste made it to the Top 100 since Utada Hikaru, with her album, This is the One, which peaked in #69 back in 2009.

American audiences were given a better look at Baby Metal’s three members, Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-Metal), Moa Kikuchi (Moametal), and Yui Mizono (Yuimetal), back in 2014 when they served as opening acts for the one and only Lady Gaga for her ArtRAVE tour across the United States. The band has gained a cult following in the country ever since.

You can check out their performance during the Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert (complete with a confuses Stephen Colbert) here: http://www.afachan.asia/2016/04/entertainment-babymetal-rocks-late-show-stephen-colbert/

Source: ANN