The 2-day μ’s Final Love Live! concert has made many Love Livers very emotional, as μ’s “final” solo concert has gathered fans from all over the globe just to watch them perform. However, there was one Love Live! fan who went to the Tokyo Dome which people did not expect… Enter Kis-My-Ft2’s Miyata Toshiya.


The Kisumai idol was seen in the venue sporting a Love Live! jacket, T-shirt, and bag, and he made it clear that Umi is his waifu. Umida!


Not long after he was spotted with all that Love Live! gear, fans approached Miyata Toshiya, who greeted his fellow Love Livers happily. As for the fans, they were also happy to know that he is one of them! I bet they were even talking about their fandom… or arguing who is best girl, and I would have really wanted to be a fly on the wall during that conversation.


The concert was held from 31 March until 1 April, and was supposed to be μ’s “final” solo concert, as the focus will soon shift to AQUORS and Love Live! Sunshine. It was an emotional event for the μ’s members and fans alike, and was streamed in several parts of the world, including Singapore.

Source: 0takomu