Welcome to the AFA Channel Anime Japan 2016 Report!

We are very privileged to be able to cover Anime Japan for the second year running. Over the past few days you may have heard of all the brand new anime announcements for the upcoming 6 months to year ahead, many that you can see in the articles over the past few days. Over here, we’ll share some of the action that happened on the ground!

Here’s the booths on display at Anime Japan! There were plenty many spanning over 6 halls of the East wing of Tokyo Big Sight. I lost count of the amount of booth that were on display at the event, ranging from Anime studios, to Distributors and Licensors, as well as schools promoting their curriculum to aspiring Anime Producers or even Seiyuus!


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There’s some upcoming goods on display around the event. Which ones are you guys looking forward to? I really want to get my hands on the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Producer plush….

And here’s some of the interesting sights around Anime Japan. There was quite the booth set up for Thunderbolt Fantasy with collaborations ranging from TM Revolution to even Touken Ranbu! Bandai booth had quite the Gundam setup as well, hyping up for the Gundam Live Expo set to take place in early June later this year. Aniplex had quite the setup of upcoming Anime, Seiyuu and Music related contents as well. I even saw a photo of AFA 2015 at the booth!

Even DJ Kazu is enjoying himself spinning the discs at the event. Definitely do check out his new upcoming mix CD out at the end of April!


Spanning over 6 halls, it was quite a trouble having to navigate around the halls when there’s so many great booths to take a look at, but it was a very fun experience just like last year. I would definitely recommend making a trip over to Big Sight next year around the end of March to attend Anime Japan 2017! Hope to see you around the halls next year!

Thanks for checking out the Anime Japan post! We look forward to sharing more next year.