Type-Moon’s first venture into smartphone gaming, Fate/Grand Order, is teaming up with the Fate prequel series, Fate/Zero for a new event for the game called “Fate/Accel Zero Order”. The special event will feature the one and only Gen “Urobutcher” Urobuchi, the writer of the Fate/Zero light novels. Type-Moon has started streaming a new TVCM for the event, and it is animated by none other than ufotable!

The video introduces us to the much-awaited adult version of Alexander the Great, Rider, about to take on his arch nemesis, Berserker, or Darius III. It also features several Fate/Zero characters like Irisviel Von Einzbern.


Good’ol Urobutcher will be writing the scenario for the event, with Akio Ootsuka returning to voice the mighty “King of Conquerors,” Rider, or Alexander the Great. It is noted that Type-Moon co-founder, Kinoku Nasu, who is a friend of Gen Urobuchi’s, asked the infamous writer to give the story a happy ending, but instead gave him a story “darker than Fate/Zero.” I wonder if he’s just trolling Nasu or really serious with the dark story for the event? Well, it’s Urobuchi so we’ll find out soon enough.