After fellow seiyuu, Yuka Ootsubo (Ooi and Kitakami) tried her hand at playing the game, and Saki Fujita (Akagi, Fusou, and Yamashiro) following suit, it’s Rina Hidaka’s turn to try and take a crack at playing the arcade version of Kantai Collection.

Rina Hidaka is best known for voicing the Mutsuki sisters, Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Satsuki, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, Kikuzuki, Mikazuki, Mochizuki, Yayoi, and Uzuki. She is also voicing the “Queen of Flat” herself, Ryuujou. In the game, she chooses to play a light and fast fleet which consists of Mochizuki, Kikuzuki, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, Mikazuki, and Ryuujou, who are all voiced by her.


She starts off her game by playing with RJ a bit before moving on to the Mutsuki-class destroyers. She then customizes her Admiral’s Office, which would come out a bit more differently than the one in the PC browser game.


She then inspects her fleet one last time, and explains the stats of the ship before finally going out for a sortie. She also shows what that steering wheel is actually for, and it is used to maneuver your ships into good positions whenever in a battle. In other words, the RNG gods don’t decide your advantage or disadvantage in battles for the KanColle Arcade.


Once she gets back to HQ, she is greeted by Chikuma and Tone, before meeting Jintsuu and Sendai. She is then rewarded with a new Destroyer in Oboro, before telling everyone how much fun she had in playing. The arcade edition is slated for release on 26 April 2016.