Graduation is this month’s theme at Afachan and we celebrate it in part with this post on some of the seiyuus who are more than just voice actors. Since this post is cutting it really close to the deadline, let’s dispense with the introductions and jump right in!

Morikawa Toshiyuki – Call him “Headmaster”

Known as the daisenpai (big senior) of the seiyuu industry, Morikawa Toshiyuki has decided to share his knowledge and expertise – when he is not too busy voice acting, Morikawa is busy grooming the next generation of seiyuu talents at his voice acting school / agency, Axl-one. The talent agency portion of Axl-one has done splendidly over the years, with big big names (other than Morikawa) like Fukuyama Jun, Tachibana Shinnosuke and Hino Satoshi, just to name a few.

Fukuyama Jun – the “PE teacher”

Voice actor extraordinaire / dajare (puns) master Fukuyama Jun was earlier mentioned as one of the talents in Morikawa Toshiyuki’s voice acting agency. But it would seem that Morikawa is boss in more than one aspect, because Junjun was also said to have been one of the teachers at the school department of Axl-one. However, not only can Junjun put voice actor and voice acting teacher on his portfolio, he now also hosts the seiyuu sports variety show Fukuyamuscle. While seiyuus tend to host various programmes, I thought this deserved a special mention, seeing as it is not an entirely anime related programme. Do give the show a go if you haven’t already, because in true Junjun fashion, this seiyuu presenter gets up to some of the most hilarious antics.

Suzumura Kenichi (Suzuken) – President aka 社長 (sha-chou)

suzuken and sakurai

Suzumura Kenichi, aka Best Supporting Actor & Mr. Personality of the 10th Seiyuu Awards (Congratulations!!!) is a voice actor with his very own voice acting agency, INTENTION. Just a couple of the names that INTENTION represents are Suzuken himself (of course…) and Sakurai Takahiro. Okay, admittedly they are not “just” some names, because they happen to be two of some of the biggest names in the seiyuu industry! Since the establishment of the said agency, Suzuken appears to have been doing well, with both him and Sakurai clinching role after role after role (recall one Autumn 2014 season during which Sakurai dominated the cast lists). Look out Morikawa, because it would seem you have some competition. Before I end my writeup on him, just a question – what about Sakamoto Maaya?

Tsuda Kenichirou (Tsudaken) – no words, just swoon

tsuda kenichirou

Ah, Tsudaken. Hot damn, Tsudaken. Not only is he a voice actor, but boy oh boy am I most pleased to write that he is also a stage actor. I mean, with a face that gorgeous, what a pity it would be if it remained obscured by anime characters! Anime series aside, this charismatic voice actor / actor has had quite the number of appearances on stage, television drama and film. Interested (and why wouldn’t one be?!)? Find out more about Tsudaken in Afachan’s previous writeup: Kenjirou Tsuda: A King Amongst Actors?

Ono Kensho (OnoKen) – he who must be Kuroko

kuroko live

Probably best known for playing the blue-haired, blue-eyed Kuroko Tetsuya in basketball anime phenomenon Kuroko no Basuke, Ono Kensho’s name is pretty much synonymous with Kuroko. With his cool voice and crisp manner of speech, Ono Kensho was perfection with his performance as the phantom sixth player of the Generation of Miracles. Such an affinity he has with the character, that OnoKen was also cast as Kuroko in the live action stage adaptation of the famed basketball series. Surprising as this news might have been for some (me included), this is not OnoKen’s first appearance on stage. Avid fans might recall OnoKen’s stint as Muromachi Touji from the Prince of Tennis musicals as well.

Asanuma Shintarou – Arthur the writer

With his bubbly personality and friendly demeanour, Kuramochi’s voice actor, Asanuma Shintaro, makes one hell of an affable host, evident from his run as co-host of Ace of Diamond’s niconama programme, Seishinryou e Youkoso! (Welcome to Seishin dorm). That however, is not all that Asanuma is known for. Having a presence in front of as well as behind the camera, this Tama Art University graduate holds his scriptwriter/director background close to heart, having on more than one occasion acknowledged his writer self (in an interview, he once said that the character he most related to was Arthur of Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder, as they are both writers). Most recently, Asanuma is reported to have penned and directed the Ace of Diamond stage play. Voice actor, scriptwriter and director – talented? Yes, very talented indeed.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tattsun) – Rock star / Film star

Voice actor? Check. Rock star? Check. Actor? …check. That’s right fangirls, Tattsun now has live action actor to add to his repertoire. He might have appeared for all but ten seconds in the movie Library Wars: The Last Mission, but hey! That’s a start! Having had his breakthrough into the live action scene, it is only a matter of time before this charming (voice) actor makes waves in the live action arena.