Like many fandoms, the anime fandom ranges from casuals who only know of the mainstream ones like Naruto and Dragon Ball, and then there are the more hardcore ones, who watch about 20 anime per week. However, it seems that one Japanese university has a class which will only cater to the more hardcore otaku.


One unnamed Japanese University is apparently teaching a class about anime and manga, and it is so hardcore that its requirements are only for the most serious anime watchers and manga readers. One student from that class uploaded his syllabus, and the requirements are shocking:


It reads:

Course Outline/Methods:
In this course we will look at anime as a subject in film and art, examining trends and analyzing important works from the 2000s, as well as older anime such as Gundamand Evangelion. Other titles we will explore include: Star Driver, Code Geass, Lucky Star, Durarara!!, Monogatari Series, Tiger & Bunny, Penguindrum, and PSYCHO-PASS among others. We will also discuss moe culture, social gaming, fujoshi culture, cosplay, and symbolism in manga.

*Notice: This is a class intended for people very familiar with anime and manga. You must speak fluent otaku/fujoshi in order to attend.

Class/Educational Goals:
To be able to analyze and comprehend anime on a variety of different levels.

Grading/Evaluation Criteria:
Reports: 50%
Exams: 50%

Extracurricular Requirements:
#1. You must watch 20 or more anime episodes per week, typically late into the night.
#2. You must read 10 or more books per month, including the reference materials assigned in class which you either purchase or borrow from the library
#3. You must have current or past experience with “visual culture” (film, art, etc.).
#4. You must be able to use the internet and social media.

Social life? What social life?! That’s for losers! You have to study by watching anime and reading manga all day, right?! But I honestly have no idea what “You must speak fluent otaku/fujoshi in order to attend” actually means. Does it mean that you have to be fluent in their lingo? Or do they have their own foreign language that normies can’t understand? I’m not quite sure to be honest.

We’re also not sure what type of jobs this course will bring. Will it help you get employed in anime specialty shops like Animate and Gamers? How about help you become a professional cosplayer? Or will it land you a job in the anime industry? We’re not really quite sure, but for one thing, it makes us curious about how this class goes about in their lessons, and we’re quite intrigued by it.

Source: Rocket News 24