The Tokyo Skytree is one of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks, and it is about to get taken over by a legendary Dragon and its cute-yet-electrifying yellow sidekick, as a gigantic new Pokemon Center is about to open inside the Solamachi entertainment complex, which is right next to the iconic stricture.


This new Pokemon Center will be themed after Rayquaza, the legendary SKY dragon Pokemon from the Ruby and Sapphire games, which is truly fitting for the Tokyo SKY Tree. And this won’t just be any Pokemon Center, this will be a megastore which is promising to be HUGE, just like Rayquaza itself. The legendary sky dragon Pokemon will even be greeting shoppers near the store’s entrance.


This new Pokemon Center will be the second megastore after the one in Ikebukuro (which has a Mega Charizard theme), and will be offering a wider variety of merchandise than the average Pokemon Center stores. Like the Ikebukuro megastore, this one near the Skytree will have Pikachu wearing a poncho, and in this one, its Rayquaza instead of Ikebukuro’s Mega Charizard Y. Several other Skytree-themed merchandise will also be available, as well as a plethora of other Pokemon items.


This new store will open on 6 July 2016, inside the inside the Solamachi entertainment complex.

Source: Pokemon Company Official