Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is no stranger to anime attractions, and they are adding even more by teaming up with Weekly Shonen Jump! magazine. The new USJ attractions will be based on three of their most popular manga, namely One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Death Note.


Universal Studios has been doing One Piece shows for kids for a while now, and this year, they are bringing it back for the One Piece Premiere Show 2016.


Meanwhile, they will also be introducing a Death Note Real Escape Game for the collaboration. This follows the Resident Evil Real Escape Game they are currently doing for their Cool Japan attractions.


Finally, following their Evangelion the Real 4D experience, Universal Studios Japan’s 4D theater will be showing us some Z-Fighter action, as Goku takes on Frieza for Dragon Ball Z The Real 4D experience.


However, aside from your Universal Studios Japan tickets, you have to pay for supplemental tickets for the Death Note and One Piece attractions. These three collaboration attractions are available from 1 July – 4 September 2016.

Source: Rocket News 24