The Nissan Leaf electric car is celebrating its 5th anniversary, and to celebrate the occassion, Nissan, the car which imoutos want to ride,  has teamed up with NeuroSpace for a special manga-inspired version of the car. This car has a few tricks of its own, and will even be giving the driver’s emotions some manga effects.

Called the Electric CARtoon, this custom Nissan Leaf can project 33 different “manga-style effects,” which are actually taken from the driver’s own emotional state. The car is equipped with a will read the driver’s brainwaves and project their emotions, as well as a projector which will project these emotions on the pavement.


The video showed the late-night driving test that Nissan conducted, which involved 30 individuals trying out the special manga-inspired version of the Nissan Leaf, which even has a black-and-white manga-style paint job.


The car itself has raised a few questions, like will this prevent road rage incidents? Will this type of program in cars be used to flirt? Well, one thing is for sure, many of the drivers were quite impressed.


Source: Kai-You