After hitting the global market and making a lot of otaku’s wallets bleed, Cerevo’s first officially licensed smart toy DOMINATOR from the anime series PSYCHO PASSPsycho-Pass will also getting some official accessories. Like the Dominator itself, these accessories also might lead to some wallet bleeding.


These new accessories include a protective case, which like the Dominator Replica, is also loyal to the designs featured in the anime. With a price tag of 12,800 yen (plus tax), the case is both water-proof and shock-proof, to protect that wallet-crunching and Criminal-Apprehending Dominator. Would also go nicely to any Psycho-Pass cosplay, along with the Dominator itself.


But of you want to display your PSYCHO PASS Dominator in all its glory, you can opt for an option that’s a little bit cheaper, with an official display stand, which comes with a price tag worth 9,800 yen. It comes with a built-in AC adapter for you to display the Dominator in whatever mode you want to display it, whether it be a Paralyzer or Eliminator.


Both items are now available via the Cerevo official store.

There are actually two versions for these 1:1 scale replica Dominators. The Standard Edition costs USD$799, and the Special Edition, which costs USD$899. In Japan, these cost 79,800 yen for the standard edition, and 89,800 yen for the Special Edition, and if you want to get the complete set, it would really take you over the 100K yen limit, so if you really want it, its time to break out those piggy banks and do some wallet bleeding.

You can find out more about the global release here:

Source: Kai-You