The cover of the May 2016 edition of YOU manga magazine surprised many, as it features all six of the Matsuno sextuplets from Mr. Osomatsu, cosplaying as six of the Sailor Senshii from Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon.


So can you guess who is cosplaying who? The answers actually are:

  • Osomatsu as Sailor Moon
  • Karamatsu as Sailor Mercury
  • Choromatsu as Sailor Jupiter
  • Ichimatsu as Sailor Mars
  • Juushimatsu is Sailor Venus
  • Todomatsu is Sailor Chibi Moon

The YOU magazine issue also comes with a poster featuring the cover art, which is illustrated by Masako Shitara, the mangaka behind the manga adaptation of Mr. Osomatsu, which itself is based on the comedy manga by the late Fujio Akatsuka.

Shitara is also a huge Sailor Moon fan, and she expressed gratitude for being allowed to do the collaboration image. In her twitter account, she thanked Naoko Takeuchi and said that she often pretended to carry the Legendary Silver Crystal back in elementary school by altering a piece of jewelry.

Source: Comic Natalie