The 2nd and final movie of the Assassination Classroom live action franchise will be coming to Singapore together along with a fan meeting with the “loveable” teacher. To be held on 28 April 2016 at GV Plaza Singapura.

Assassination Classroom 2 will be featuring the graduation of the class, Kuro-sensei is taking care off, and supposedly it will proceed to destroy Earth or maybe not if you have seen the animated version.

Date: Sat, 23 April 2016
Venue: GV Plaza Hall 7

Time: 4pm and 4:10pm
Runtime: 118 mins
Language: In Japanese with English & Chinese subtitles
Rating: To Be Announced

Ticket sale:
Price:  $35 (includes a premiere ticket, limited edition Assassination Classroom Part 1 DVD & film poster)
Ticket buyers can meet the loveable Korosensei and collect the premiums at our booth outside the hall from 3pm to 3.45pm.


The story relates the unorthodox learning journey of a group of flunkies Class 3-E in their attempts to assassinate their teacher UT, or known as “Unkillable Teacher”. A mysterious super being who claims to have destroyed the moon, UT challenges the class to kill him before he wreaks havoc on Earth. Under UT’s tutelage, these students, who were deemed hopeless by all, surprisingly show improvement in their attitudes towards school and personal growth, and they develop an extraordinary bond with UT. The combination of the distinctly contrasting themes of assassination and education is an innovative concept, which is brought to life by the story’s colourful characters.


Six months ago, a mysterious super being appeared one day at the prestigious  Kunugigaoka Junior High School and announced that he will be taking over as the new homeroom teacher of Class 3-E, a notorious class of flunkies. Nicknamed UT by the class, he challenges the students to kill him before graduation in a year’s time, when he will destroy Earth. The story resumes in the sequel as the second semester begins. Only six months left till doomsday, and Class 3-E is making no headway in assassinating UT, with whom they have developed an extraordinary bond. Conflict arises when one of their own, a girl named Kaede Kayano, suddenly declares vengeance on UT, revealing her identity as the sister of their former homeroom teacher, Aguri Yukimura. Breaking his silence, UT recounts his past life to the class-about how he was once an assassin named God of Death and his relationship to Yukimura. The revelation of UT’s tragic past creates a rift between the despaired members of Class 3-E. Should they follow through their mission and kill this ‘creature’, or should they save a teacher who actually cares about them?