After teaming up with DMM to turn World War II warships into Moe Anthropomorphic Girls in Kantai Collection, Kadokawa has teamed up with NEXCO Central Japan and Dwango to turn traffic exchanges into their own Moe Anthropomorphic Girls.


The collaboration is called “Genso Koryu” (“Fantastic Exchange”) and it gives various service areas the Moe Anthropomorphic Girls treatment. Each of the girls are based on various private roadways, and each one is designed by a well-known illustrator.

Okazaki, a Human tailor
Designer: Mel Kishida


Toyota, a Giant
Designer: Mel Kishida


Nagashino, a Human samurai
Designer: Yuka Nakajima


Hamamatsu, a Human bard
Designer: Noizi Ito


Suruga, a Magus (large fairy) princess
Designer: Yu Akinashi


Numazu, a Megadeus (half-giant) fisherwoman
Designer: Yuu Akinashi


Those are some pretty big names designing those characters, including Noizi Ito, who illustrated the Shakugan no Shana and Haruhi Suzumiya light novels, and Atelier video game and Hanasaku Iroha anime character designer, Mel Kishida.

Meanwhile, Yuka Nakajima is the anime character designer for Amagi Brilliant Park and Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!, while Yu Akinashi is best known for designing visual novel characters, including Love, Election & Chocolate, or KoiChoco. Additional characters, which are designed by other renowned illustrators like KEI and Akio Watanabe, will be revealed in the days ahead.

“Genso Koryu” will be set in an alternative world called “Kibou Else,” which has been ravaged by war. The characters are helping rebuild this shattered world, and an online novel written by Yuri Shibamura will be telling their story.

Source: Crunchyroll