In Japan, April is the month of Sakura, and we are celebrating this month with a versatile seiyuu whose personality warms you up just like the spring season. Of course, what better seiyuu to celebrate Sakura month than Ayane Sakura, right?


We take a look at five of her most memorable roles to date, and why they are so refreshing, just like spring! Let’s start off with:

Iroha Isshiki (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!)


On the outside, Iroha is a sweet and seemingly innocent girl, but deep inside, she is a scheming little girl with some dubious plans to win Hayama’s attention. According to Hachiman, she may be all sweet on the outside, but in reality, she is almost as rotten as he is. What’s so refreshing about her is that she gives a good contrast to the lovable Service Club trio of Hachiman, Yukino, and Yui, but in the end, she’s just a maiden in love.

Cocoa Hoto (Is the Order a Rabbit?)


We will explain why with the video below:

Marii Buratei (Joshiraku)


Joshiraku is full of puns, and Ayane Sukura pulled off these puns, and got a lot of fans to laugh, with her role as a tomboyish Rakugo comedian. Often accused of actually being a boy, Marii may be the most comedic of all of her roles, as she is often the subject of many unfortunate situations. Add her puns, her boyish mannerisms, and that she’s really annoying in a comedic way, you’ve got one very unforgettable character.

Nao Tomori (Charlotte)


While Marii is the most comedic of her roles, Nao is her most serious, and this is where she shows how great her range is. Nao provides an excellent contrast to Marii, as Nao is much more complicated, and much less emotional. Nao has led a tragic life, and Ayane Sakura manages to show that to us, and makes us forget that this is the same voice behind Marii Buratei and Cocoa Hoto.

Battleship Nagato (Kantai Collection)


KanColle is quite infamous for having seiyuu voice multiple roles, and Ayane Sakura is most certainly one of them, having voiced  Mutsu, Shimakaze, Kuma, Tama,Sendai, Naka, and Jintsuu. However, her most memorable role in the anime will always be Nagamon Nagato. Often, Nagato is seen as the always-serious secretary ship in-charge of the naval district and leader of the fleet girls, but when she shows her soft side…

So, what is your favorite Ayane Sakura role?