Another seiyuu has gotten hitched, and this time, it’s Chiharu Kitaoka, who is also known as Aya Gouda. In a new entry in her blog, she officially announced that she is now happily married, and even showed everyone her picture wearing her wedding dress.


She also showed several pictures from her wedding, though she hid her groom’s face for privacy. She described her new husband as “someone she had been dating,” and ” is someone who was there for her during her hospitalization.”

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In her blog, she also revealed that she has plans to move to Hokkaido, and said that she was relieved that she can continue acting while living there. She also stated that she will not be taking any more new voice acting roles, but she will be more than happy to reprise the roles which she took. She is known for voicing Atelier Escha & Logy’s hreia Hazelgrimm and Robot Girls Z’s Dandan. She is also known under the name of Aya Gouda, and under that name, she has voiced Q-feuille from Kiddy Girl-And, as well as Salas from Is this a Zombie?, and Ichihachi from Uppotte!

So, for the newly-married Chiharu Kitaoka, we here at AFA Channel wish her the best of luck in her marriage! Congratulations!

Source: ANN