Yuka Iguchi, or Yukachi, is a multi-talented lady who on top of being a seiyuu, hosts her own radio show and has a solo singing career! Although she usually voiced lolis with high pitched voices, her songs featured her singing in an amazingly rich, deep and mature voice which is an amazing juxtaposition from the impression you get from watching her in anime.

And it has just been announced that she will be releasing her 2nd album and holding a 2nd live tour!

The new album’s name has not been decided but it will be releasing sixth July, coming with a special DVD. The album will be featuring several of her previous singles including “Hey World” which was used as the opening theme for the anime DanMachi.

The special DVD will include both the music videos of the songs as well as the making-off of the music videos. To add to that, for the first release bonus, there will be a special photobook, trading card and priority access to her live tour tickets, bundled together with the album.

All at an amazing price of ¥3,800 (not including tax).

The details for her live tour are to be announced, but there will be a special showcase on 4th December 2016 at the Kobe International House and on 13th January 2017 at the Nakano Sun Plaza.

For fans of Yukachi this is definitely a time to start planning your trip to Japan and catch her at all of her live locations! Be sure to keep an eye on her official website for any news!

Yuka Iguchi’s Official Site: