Things are certainly heating up the the Gundam prequel series, Gundam the Origin. To keep fans excited for part 3, titled Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin III Dawn of Rebellion, has started streaming TWO new videos, both of them featuring the first 13 minutes of the film.

English Dub

Japanese Dub with  English, French, Korean, or Chinese subtitles

Part III continues where the second one left off, which is after Edward Mass (Casval), meets a boy who looks exactly like him, the real Char Aznable. Part III will follow Edward’s exploits as he joins the Zeons. He will cross path with Garma Zabi, and the story will follow how he transforms from Edward Mass to the Red Comet.

The movie will be having a limited screening across 15 theaters in Japan starting 21 May 2016, while the limited edition Blu-Ray will ship on 28 May worldwide. The standard  edition Blu-Ray/ DVD will come a little bit later, on 10 June 2016.