The Monster Hunter franchise is finally getting a TV anime of its own with Monster Hunter Stories Rido On. The anime’s official website has now been updated, and revealed that the upcoming video game-based anime will be making its premiere in October. They also revealed a new key visual:


Monster Hunter Stories Ride On will be based on Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories video game for the 3DS. Revealed during last year’s Tokyo Game Show 2015 event, the game follows a Monster Rider boy, whose journeys take him into Monster Hunter territory, where he must find a way to coexist with hunters who view monsters differently from him. The website also revealed the anime’s two main characters and their respective seiyuu:

Ryuto (CV: Mutsumi Tanaka)


Naviloo (CV: M.A.O.)


David Production, responsible for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, will be producing the anime, with World Trigger director, Mitsuru Hongo, at the helm of the project. It will be aired via Fuji TV.