The 13th One Piece movie, One Piece Film Gold, is setting up the lovable Straw Hat Pirates in an unforgettable adventure, and Toei has started streaming the film’s full trailer, which also teases us with its new theme song.

Whoa! Looks like Luffy is getting serious against the film’s villain, Tesoro, as he will be using his fourth gear in this one! The video also features the theme song, “Ikari wo Kureyo” by Japanese duo, GLM SPANKY, and also reveals that the movie’s other theme song will be performed by Mayumi Kojima, and titled “GOLD & JIVE ~SILVER OCEAN”


The movie is slated to premiere in theatres across Japan on 23 July, with One Piece TV anime director, Hiroaki Miyamoto, once again directing for the anime, and its mangaka and creator, Eiichiro Oda serving as the film’s producer.