The war against the Neuroi continues, as the Brave Witches are set to take flight in this latest Strike Witches spin-off TV anime, and its official website has revealed that the series is slated to make its premiere this autumn 2015!


While the main series focused on the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, or the Strike Witches, this spin-off anime focuses on the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, also known as the Brave Witches. This anime is NOT a sequel to Strike Witches, nor is it a new season, but a spin-off.


The entire 501st Joint Fighter Wing, aka the titular Strike Witches, have not yet been confirmed for this new anime. However, two Strike Witches members, Sanya and Eila, have been attached to the 502nd. The Brave Witches are based in Orussia and are charged as the spearhead of the Eastern Front against the Neuroi. They are also nicknamed the “Breaker Witches” because they would often break their striker equipment in battle, and are often seen as even more reckless than the 501st. You can check out their members through this link:

Source: ANN