The battle manga, Tabboo-Tattoo by Shinjirou, is already slated to premiere next season, and it has been announced that the one singing its theme song will be none other than May’n. She will be singing the song titled “Belief,” which will serve as the anime’s OP song.

May’n has admitted that she is a big fan of the manga, which follows a middle schooler named Justice “Seigi” Akatsuka, who is skilled in martial arts. After saving a man from street thugs, he gets rewarded with a tattoo. This tattoo grants him a special power, and it is something that people are after, including a mysterious girl who also has a tattoo of her own.

tt May'nアー写 May'nライブ福岡写真

The new anime is slated to premiere in July 2016, and stars Makoto Furukawa as Justice “Seigi” Akatsuka, Chika Anzai as Touko Ichinose, and Mikako Komatsu as Bluesy Fluesy. Tabboo-Tattoo will be animated by J.C. Staff, with Shakugan no Shana’s Takashi Watanabe directing the series.