During cosplay shoots, it is sometimes difficult to convey sadness without crying. However, it is often difficult to force oneself to cry, and by adding water to your eyes to simulate crying might even ruin your make up.  However, one Japanese cosplay company has the solution to all of that – a fake tear gel.


Assist Wig often specializes in wigs for cosplay, but they also make cosplay props, including those fake tear gels which are called “Namida Gel,” and in Japanese, the word Namida means tears.


These fake tears come in 30-gram tubes, and each tube costs 880 yen. It is gentle to the skin and won’t cause any irritation, and best of all, it won’t leave any residue just in case you accidentally spill one into your costume.


Namida Gel is not only used for tears, but for sweat as well. Want to do a Kuroko’s Basketball shoot and want it to look natural, with the cosplayers looking like they have been battling it out across three quarters of basketball? No problem! How about a fight scene between Street Fighter’s Ryu and Sagat, that should be sweaty, right? Sure!

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Namida Gel can be ordered here directly from Assist Wig for 880 yen.

Source: Rocket News 24