Yasutaka Tsutsui’s original 1967 novel “The Girl Who Lept Through Time” was adapted into a hit anime film by Mamoru Hosoda. The story is now getting a live-action J-drama, which is slated to premiere in summer 2016.


The drama is set to have a new episode premiere every week, and the one chosen to play the main protagonist will be 19-year-old Yuina Kuroshima. The novel has been adapted into a live-action film and a live-action drama in the 1970’s, and along with the anime film, each one featured a different name for the main protagonist. In this live-action series, Kuroshima’s character will be named Mihane Yoshiyama, who coincidentally has the same last name as the principal in the original novel.


She will be starring alongside Fuma Kikuchi, a member of the Japanese boy band, Sexy Zone. His character is named Ken Soguru, who actually has the same name as the exact character in the novel.

The producers of the drama have hinted that they will not only focus on the main protagonist, but in the life of the male lead as well, as they will focus on how  Ken Sogoru is adapting to living life in the past. It will be broadcast every Saturday, 9:00 pm via Nippon TV, starting July.

source: Cinema Cafe