Like the Live Spectacle Naruto stage musical, Hiro Mashima’s shounen fantasy manga, Fairy Tail, has also gotten its own live-action stage play adaptation called Live Fantasy Fairy Tail. Fans are finally getting a good look at the play, as a new digest video has been streamed, and it is bringing the magic of the manga and anime to real life.

Several other videos from the play have been shown, and this one is from the 30 April performance, which introduces us to the mages from Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale, as well as the Sky Dragon Slayer, Wendy Marvell.

And here is another clip which previews the play:

The play is directed by Akiko Kodama, the same man who directed Live Spectacle Naruto, which also visited Singapore last year. The play is currently being shown at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro until 9 May 2016, and like the Naruto musical, the play is also filled with action, music, dancing, and special effects.