The new arcade game version of Kantai Collection, KanColle Arcade, has now been released in Japan. After months of teasing, fans can now play the game in arcades and collect as much cards as they want… but they have to wait for hours in line just to play.


Up to 220 – 270 people have been seen lining up in arcades in Akihabara, and waiting times to finally get a seat in that admiral’s chair can range from two hours (which is already quite long) to 16 hours! Because of this, some arcades would often regulate how much a person played (up to three rounds per person), and they even use a ticket system for those really long wait times.

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A friend of ours recently visited Akihabara, and played the game while he was there. He told me that he waited for more than three hours in line, but playing the game was worth it once you finally take your seat in that Admiral’s Chair. So this means that in order to play KanColle Arcade, you must be really patient.

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Source: ANN

and thank you to Robert Onii-chan for some of the images, as well as his insight