After months of waiting, admirals who are playing the PC browser version of DMM and Kadokawa’s Kantai Collection can finally get their hands on the feisty American battleship, Iowa. However, before they go on and shout ‘MURICA! on top of their lungs, they might go through hell to get her, as they need to clear seven maps as part of the Spring 2016 Event.

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Unlike most events which were based on actual World War II naval battles, this new one will be a hypothetical event called “Establish! The Land Base Air Corps”. The event will consist of seven maps in total, with the mighty Iowa being the reward for clearing the final map. The challenge includes three parts, with Part I being maps E-1 to E-4, and Part II, which is optional but is required to acquire Pola, consists of map E-5. The third and final part, which is needed to get those 16 inches of FREEDOM known as Iowa, consists of maps E-6 – E-7. Including Iowa, there are a total of five ships girls joining the game, with one new Italian heavy cruiser and three new destroyers. They are:

Kamikaze-class Destroyer, Kamikaze


Kamikaze-class Destroyer, Harukaze (not to be confused with Haifuri’s Harekaze destroyer)


Kagerou-class Destroyer, Oyashio


Zara-class Italian Heavy Cruiser, Pola


The event, which is a large-scale event scheduled for three weeks, will introduce a new mechanic known as the Airbase corps, and ship locking is in play, unlike the previous event. There are also new Abyssals to make your quest in getting Iowa a bigger headache…


Yes, all that in our quest for that one powerful American Battleship. To all admirals playing KanColle’s new event, stay SALTY and good luck! May the RNG Fairies guide you to FREEDOM.

Source: KanColle wiki