KLab’s Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game is one of the most successful game apps in Japan, and its even getting its own arcade game edition. The upcoming arcade edition is called  Love Live! School Idol Festival ~afterschool Activity~, and Square Enix has finally started streaming a new video, which teases us with how the arcade version will look like.

The video previews how different cards, like member cards, profile cards, etc., will have an effect in the game, as well as features a look at a cooperative mode for the game, which can host up to three players. A demo for the game can be played during the “School Idol Festival Thanksgiving 2016” event at the Sunshine City Ikebukuro from 21 – 22 May 2016.


Currently, the game app boasts up to 14 million users in Japan, and as players can also collect individual cards in this game, if KanColle Arcade is any indication, do expect long lines to form just to play the game.