Super Mario Maker has some very surprising entries, which range from Nisekoi’s Chitoge to BabyMetal. However, this latest addition ain’t really that much surprising, but what is surprising about it is that why didn’t it come any sooner?! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome into Super Mario maker, Hello Kitty and her fellow-Sanrio mascot, My Melody.

People have actually seen this one coming, but they actually came after Chitoge of all characters. But what does Hello Kitty on Mario maker do?! Kick some Goomba butt, that’s what!


Kinda makes you wonder what she might do if she were suddenly added as a Super Smash Bros. character, huh? I can now imagine her owning Street Fighter’s Ryu, The Legend of Zelda’s Link, and Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud at the same time! Now, who ever said Hello Kitty wasn’t a badass? For one thing, we now all know what her biggest fanboy will be playing in Mario Maker…