The world of art has plenty of unforgettable masterpieces, from the Mona Lisa to Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night, whereby these works have shaped the careers of many budding artists. Now, these classics are getting an anime-style make over, as several renowned illustrators, including a few renowned mangaka, have reimagined a few classic masterpieces and added some moe in a brand new artbook.


Titled Eshi de Irodoru Sekai no Meiga (loosely, World Famous Masterpieces Painted by Artists) the artbook features classic works by artistic legends like Manet and Vermeer, being recreated by famous illustrators like Encouragement of the Climb mangaka, Shiro, and Medabots mangaka, Horumarin.


Here are a few more of these anime make-overs, starting with Manet’s original masterpiece A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, followed by Vermeer’s The Milkmaid.

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And here are a few more works, including ones done by Monet (not to be confused with Manet) and  Toulouse-Lautrec:

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Note that the artbook is not really a serious look at European art and should be considered more as high quality fanart which pay homage to the classics, so classical art fans, don’t take out those torches and pitch forks. Nor would it be right for fans to go all “weeaboo” and claim that the re-imagined works look better than the original. Remember, these works are called classics and masterpieces for a reason. It is scheduled for release on 26 May, and will cost 2,200 yen.

Source: Kotaku