Two of the Fate series’ most popular works, Fate/ Grand Order and Fate/ Zero are coming together for a special event. And to promote the game, both series have taken over Shinjuku Station, as a giant ad in the train station was seen. However, fans have to take one of the stickers/ cards which littered the ad, in order to fully reveal what is underneath.

Long lines have formed inside the station in order for fans to see the new ad, and get their hands on the card packs which Type-Moon has pasted on top. The ads slowly reveal several Fate/ Zero characters like Saber, Rider, and Gilgamesh.

And while the characters of Fate/ Zero littered the wall ad, several of Shinjuku Station’s columns were also taken over by some of Fate/ Grand Order characters.

Good’ol Gen “Urobutcher” Urobuchi will be writing the scenario for the event, called “Fate/Accel Zero Order.” It is noted that Type-Moon co-founder, Kinoku Nasu, who is a friend of Gen Urobuchi’s, asked the infamous writer to give the story a happy ending, but instead gave him a story “darker than Fate/Zero.” I wonder if he’s just trolling Nasu or really serious with the dark story for the event? Well, it’s Urobuchi so we’ll find out soon enough. The event will only be until 11 May 2016.

Source: Yaraon!