Looking for a school in Japan? Going through the Internet searches and reviews but still have questions about what option is the best for you?

Fret not! Go! Go! Nihon -Live and Study in Japan- is here to help!

Go! Go! Nihon is a service designed to make the process of finding and applying for a school in Japan as simple as possible for you. The service offers FREE support for students planning to study long-term (6 months or more) with a student visa. For new students, applying for a student visa in Japan can be very tedious and complex. However, Go! Go! Nihon cuts right to the core and makes it straightforward for everyone so you do not have to worry about it.

Go! Go! Nihon has partnerships with over 10 language schools located in different prefectures all over Japan. These schools offer different learning intensities, teaching styles and focused to suit your needs perfectly. With their help, you will definitely be able to find a school suitable for you.

Go! Go! Nihon has recently added a partner university, Tokyo International University, which offers a four-year Bachelor programme  in International Relations and Business Economics. It is all taught in English so do check it out if you are interested!

If you just want to study short-term, there are also many interesting programmes that they offer as well. Go! Go! Nihon organises short-term study trips, which range from a few weeks to a couple of months. During the study trips, you will attend classes and learn Japanese in the morning. In the afternoon, why not put what you have learnt to practical use?

While in Japan, you will definitely have a chance to communicate and make new friends with the locals. The study trips also feature a wide range of cultural activities, like calligraphy and attending a tea ceremony. You might also get an opportunity to visit famous temples, places of interest and events organised by the committee.

Of course, simply picking a school alone will not be enough to kick-start your journey; you will also require a place to stay during your studies. Go! Go! Nihon will be able to help you to find your ideal accommodation as well!

The application process is simple and easy: Just send them a request and Go! Go! Nihon will present a few choices for you. As long as you are happy with what they have picked out for you, the service will help contact and make necessary reservations for you. With affordable prices, you will be able to find suitable lodgings, be it a dorm, apartment or even with a Japanese family hosting your stay!

The Youtube channel also introduces the many schools and activities offered by Go! Go! Nihon.

Personally, I have been searching for a Japanese language school throughout the past year, and it has been very difficult to find one suitable for my needs with so many unfamiliar options and almost no reviews. Then I happened to come across this website, and started sending in inquiries about the many different aspects of studying in Japan.

With their help, I’ll be on my way to study in Japan at the end of this year!

The service so far has been very responsive and the staff are extremely helpful with the answers to my questions. Having Go! Go! Nihon to assist you in managing your student visa was also a definite plus to using this service (in order to skip all those troublesome processes).

They also provide many other services like the opening of a Japanese bank account, getting a phone number, and even organises social events, an opportunity to break the ice and maybe a start to long lasting friendships. All the essentials for a worry free and happy learning experience!

If you are interested in furthering your education in Japan, you should definitely start off by looking at Go! Go! Nihon.

Do check out their website at http://gogonihon.com/en as well as their Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/GoGoNihonGo