With great power comes great responsibility, and after wowing everyone in Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker is now teaming up with other versions of the character for the Spider-Man comic books. A special edition for Japan’s collected version will be released, and guess who is illustrating the cover?


Being the illustrator for One Punch man, Yusuke Murata is definitely no stranger to men in tights, and he is the one chosen to illustrate the cover for the Japanese release. Spider-Man has a huge following in Japan, and the new Spider-Verse story line would even feature the goofy (and much-hated) Japanese version from Toei’s live-action tokusatsu show, complete with the Leopardon giant robot.


Like Fairy Tail’s mangaka, Hiro Mashima, Murata is also one big Marvel fan, and he has also previously worked on several comic book covers for good’ol Web Head, as he previously illustrated covers for the Spider Island story arc, as well as Renew Your Vows.

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He also drew this tribute illustration, featuring Spidey tangling with Dr. Octopus.


Source: Crunchyroll